Sledding is classic winter fun for children and adults. Rush down the mountain on two runners and enjoy the white splendor and thrill. Tobogganing is a welcome addition and a change from skiing or snowboarding.

Sledding in Bergün, Switzerland

Sledding in Bergün is a special experience. The journey to the toboggan start is tough: take the mountain railway to the toboggan run from Preda. To the other sledge run, take the chairlift up to Darlux.

Tobogganing on the best slopes

Once at the top, the toboggan runs in Preda/Bergün offer pure sledding fun. Whether a rapid descent from Darlux or a more leisurely toboggan run from Preda, test two of the most spectacular sledge runs in Switzerland.
Don't forget to reserve your sledging vehicle online in advance. Sledges can be rented in the center of Bergün from Mark Sport or at the Preda mountain station. Book online and save 15%!

Special sledding experiences in Bergün

Sledding from Preda to Bergün is the classic among the two toboggan runs. During tobogganing, you will experience a great toboggan run on the Pasün Bergün - Albula Pass for many kilometers. For example, you drive under the railway line. During the breaks you can enjoy a wonderful view.

Families with children in particular appreciate sledding. Sledding is great fun for young and old alike. For night owls, the toboggan run is illuminated until late at night.

The second, steeper cable car from Darlux to Bergün offers courageous sled drivers a special treat. On this toboggan run you can master 576 meters of altitude in a steep and winding descent.

Professional tips for sledding

Sledding is a popular sport in Switzerland. Anyone can go sledding in winter. Tobogganing is also suitable for families who are not ski or snowboard enthusiasts. However, there are a few points to consider when sledding.


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Ideal sledges for sledding

Not all toboggans are suitable for all ages and all slopes. The sleds should be of reasonable quality. These keep on track, are easy to steer and brake, robust and durable.

If you want to save luggage, you can rent a sled or sledge from Toboggan Railway. These are broken in and of high quality. On the day of the rental, the selected product is ready for you to hand over.

Sledding: the right technique

The right technique is crucial for sledding:

Sitting down:
Both feet are next to the sledge for braking and steering. One hand grips the line at the front, the other supports on the back.
Do not sled face down:
Anyone sledding on their stomach has no particular pleasure. It is not for nothing that this Olympic discipline is called "Skeleton".
Braking properly:
Place both feet on the floor and lift the sled forward. Always brake before a curve.
Curving with a sled:
When turning right, shift your weight to the right and press your right foot on the ground. For left turns it is the other way around.
Taking curves with a toboggan
When tobogganing in curves, push the outer skid inwards with your foot and at the same time pull the inner skid up with the rope.
Stopping quickly:
Pull the sled up at the front for a quick stop.

Perfect equipment for sledding

First of all, the right clothes are important. When you start up or run up, you get warm, when you go down, it's cold. Therefore: wear clothes in layers and pack dry clothes in your backpack. A bright ski suit with reflectors is recommended for children so that they can be easily seen.

The shoes should be waterproof, lined and, above all, have a good sole - especially for braking! Thick gloves protect not only from the cold, but also from injuries to the hands. Ski goggles are particularly useful for fine snow. The same applies to a scarf in front of the mouth.

The top priority when choosing clothes should be a helmet. A ski helmet is the ideal head protection for sledding.

Safety Instructions

  1. Sled while sitting.
  2. Warm clothing and good shoes are required.
  3. Clever minds protect themselves with a helmet.
  4. Infants only accompanied by adults.
  5. Mechanical brakes and plastic bobs are prohibited.
  6. Belly sledging and sled combination prohibited.
  7. No dogs allowed.
  8. Running upwards prohibited.
  9. Adjust the pace.
  10. Accident - what to do? Secure the accident site. Provide first aid. Get help.
  11. Observe emergency signaling. Do not hinder the ambulance.

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