A sledge is a skid vehicle that is used for the transport of people and loads or as a device for snow sports or for leisure. Nowadays, sledges are mostly used for leisure. There are many different types of sledges. From simple wooden sledges to toboggan and carvin sledding to luge - there is the right vehicle for every person and every requirement. Which sled should I choose?

Sled or toboggan?

Sledges are not all sledges. There are many different models, each with different properties and areas of application.

Many use sledges or toboggans or the toboggan sled for sledding in their free time. Both models are similar. However, there are crucial differences in the design.

Differences between sled and toboggan

Sledges have a rigid construction. Both runners have just been built and lie flat on the snow. Skids and wooden structure are firmly connected, which means that the skids are perpendicular to the floor. Compared to tobogganing, they are more difficult to steer.

Toboggans have a flexible structure compared to a sled. The runners are not braced together. If you shift your body weight and pull the steering cable, the toboggan can be easily controlled. The toboggan runners are slanted so that they stand on the inside edges. This provides less drag and better tracking. Tobogganing thus enables better cornering.

In addition to the classic sleds or tobogganing made of wood, there are also bobsled or steering sledges made of plastic. These plastic slides have a cheap and simple construction. Plastic toboggans are not suitable for toboggan runs in Preda / Bergün.

Schlitten- und Rodelarten

Our sledge rental offers different types of wooden sledges and toboggans. Choose your sledge or sled for your needs!

Bergüner sledge

Do you want to sledge with children? Are you looking for maximum winter fun from Preda to Bergün? The Bergüner sledge is the ideal vehicle for beginners, rattle gang pilots and pleasure sledders.

The Bergüner sledge is a traditional quality wooden sledge. The wooden sledge is available as a 1 or 2 seater. The Bergüner sledge is suitable for all toboggan runs in Bergün / Preda.

Bergüner toboggan

The Bergüner toboggan is the ideal toboggan run for young and old. The wooden sledge has great seating comfort. The toboggan is easy to steer and offers a high fun factor. This model is well suited for toboggan runs.

Bergüner Carving Toboggan

Do you like to run at full throttle? As an adventurer, you collect thrills like other people stamps: dream slopes with miles of gliding pleasure or beads of sweat under your ski hat. Preda-Bergün is considered the Formula One track among the toboggan runs. The seven-kilometer Albula pass road (later: Link) belongs to sledging fans like you in the winter months!

For this purpose we recommend the Bergüner Carvingrodel. The sporty skid vehicle is sleek and fast. The toboggan is ideal for everyone who loves speed. It is on track, easy to steer and extremely agile.

Bergüner luge

The Bergüner luge is ideal for good tobogganers and the highest demands. The toboggan has rubber-mounted runners, offers great edge hold and optimal steering. The Bergüner luge convinces with its sporty design and excellent driving characteristics. The luge is the fastest sled in its class!

Toboggan finder from Toboggan Run

Our sledge finder is a valuable consultant when looking for the right model. Depending on your needs and interests, you will receive two sledge recommendations from us. The desired model can be reserved with one click.

With the reservation of the right sledge, the holiday begins stress-free without long waiting times, hectic pace and crowds. The sledge or toboggan models can also be rented for events by corporate customers.

How to find the right sled? Decide which sled pleasure you want to experience and reserve the desired model directly.

What tobogganing fun do you want to experience?

Sledge recommendation 1

Sledge recommendation 2

We are Family Fun on the slopes for children

The Classic
Bergüner sledge

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The Family Friend Bergüner toboggan Book online - save 15%
Goosebumps, baby! Hot runners for athletes

The Sportsman
Bergüner Carving toboggan

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The Speeder
Bergüner luge

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For company events and snow adventurers
Green wave for a special experience

The Classic
Bergüner sledge

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The adventurer Bergüner toboggan Book online - save 15%
Which sled accessories do you need?

Anyone who goes on the slopes with one or more children should play it safe. If you are sledding on the slopes with speed, you should also not forget about safety. For entrepreneurs and employees, the topic of security must be capitalized.

We recommend fall-proof helmets, sunglasses and sports gloves as equipment for adults and children. These offer protection, comfort and driving fun for children and adults. Check out the sled accessories and your equipment at Marksport, the sports shop in the village center.

Sledge and toboggan rental

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